Disclaimer II


This whitepaper does not constitute any investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or recommendation by Dreamcars, its affiliates, or its respective officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, advisers, or consultants on the merits of purchasing Dreamcars tokens, nor should it be relied upon in connection with any other contract or purchasing decision.

Not A Security Token

This whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or financial service offering document. It is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security, investment products, regulated products, or financial instruments in any jurisdiction. Dreamcars tokens are not being structured or sold as securities in Dreamcars.io. Owners of Dreamcars tokens are not entitled to any rights in Dreamcars.io or any of its affiliates, including any equity, shares, units, royalties to capital, profit, returns, or income in Dreamcars.io or any other company or intellectual property associated with Dreamcars.io

Third-Party Data

This whitepaper contains data and references obtained from third-party sources. While the company believes these data are accurate and reliable, they have not been subject to independent audit, verification, or analysis by professional legal, accounting, engineering, or financial advisers. There is no assurance as to the data's accuracy, reliability, or completeness.

Restricted Transmission

This whitepaper must not be taken or transmitted to any jurisdiction where distribution or dissemination of this whitepaper is prohibited or restricted.

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