Our Ecosystem I

Features of Dreamcars Ecosystem


Where users can trade and collect asset-backed fractionalized NFTs on the Dreamcars platform or another third-party marketplace, users have the option to trade the NFTs with a Dreamcars wallet or a compatible third-party wallet like MetaMask. Users can diversify their portfolios by purchasing fractions of different cars instead of allocating 100% of their capital to a single car.

Lending Protocol

The liquidity of NFTs, enhanced by real-world luxury cars held securely in depository vaults, facilitates the possibility of low-interest borrowing using your tokens as collateral. Collectors who own physical cars can borrow against their luxury cars in three simple steps:

  1. Owners submit car details on our platform and receive a quote/agreement in principle (AIP).

  2. Owners then ship the car to our HQ or take the car to one of our nearest drop-off centers for inspection and authentication.

  3. NFTs are minted against the car, and owners can borrow against the NFTs from our lending pool while their physical car is held in the Dreamcars vault.

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