This is the $DCARS Casino Roadmap

Phase 1


  • Create Concept and Business Plan

  • Launch website, and social communities

  • Create token smart contract

  • Initiate smart contract and audit

  • Launch the $DCARS pre-sale

Phase 2

  • Marketplace platform and Web APP development

  • Successfully sold out the Pre-Sale

  • Initiate Launch Preparation Phase

  • CoinMarketCap (CMC) listing

  • Launch on PancakeSwap

Phase 3

  • Launch of CEX

  • Beta NFT marketplace launch

  • Develop Liquidity Protocol

  • Expand Influencer Outreach

  • Partnerships with Luxury Car Dealerships

Phase 4

  • Opening Car Showrooms

  • NFT Car Drops

  • Official Dreamcars Marketplace Launch

  • Online Events to attract New Holders

  • Collaboration with Luxury Car Brands

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