What is a presale?

During a pre-sale, a limited number of tokens are sold at a lower price to people who want to get involved early. This is a great chance for people to be a part of a new project before an actual coin/token launch takes place in which the general public can participate.

It’s kind of like being part of a secret club, where you get access to something before anyone else does. By participating in a pre-sale, you can purchase a token at an early-bird price before it goes public. Therefore, pre-sale can be considered a potential opportunity to buy tokens or coins before they are released into circulation and listed on exchanges.

What is Dreamcars?

Dreamcars is a revolutionary platform that lets you own a fraction of a luxury car through $DCARS tokens. This means you can invest in your dream car and share in the potential profits without needing to buy the entire vehicle yourself.

Each NFT in the Dreamcars Marketplace is backed by real-world luxury cars and is divided into fractions, allowing anyone to invest for as little as $10.

The luxury car NFT owner receives monthly rental income, benefits from long-term value appreciation, and can trade their shares anytime.

Why are we having a presale?

The presale helps us build a strong community of early adopters who believe in our vision. The Dreamcars presale is your chance to be part of something revolutionary. Not only do you get in on the ground floor with a potentially discounted token price, but you're also joining a passionate community that believes in the future of fractional car ownership.

The presale funds help Dreamcars build a top-notch platform while creating launch day momentum, ensuring a smooth ride for everyone involved.

What is the $DCARS token?

The $DCARS token is your key to Dreamcars. It represents ownership within the platform. By holding $DCARS tokens, you'll gain access to exclusive features like:

Voting rights on car purchases Sharing in rental income generated by the cars Potential appreciation in the value of the tokens themselves

Are my tokens safe?

Dreamcars prioritizes the safety of your $DCARS tokens. We utilize industry-standard security measures and maintain complete transparency. The presale itself bolsters security by building a strong community and raising funds for cutting-edge protocols. To further ensure the platform's integrity, we have partnered with leading blockchain security firms like Solidproof and Assure DeFi.

These experts have meticulously examined our specifications, smart contract, and team to confirm we meet the highest Web3 security standards. Their advanced methods and skilled personnel have identified any potential risks, while KYC checks and executive interviews have guaranteed maximum security and transparency.

While all investments have inherent risk, participating in the presale demonstrates our commitment to building a secure future for fractional luxury car ownership on Dreamcars. Remember, conducting your own research is crucial before investing.

Is there a vesting period for the tokens?

Where do I find the tokens I bought?

Find the “Connect Wallet” button located at the top right corner. Click on it, and then choose the option “Claim DCARS” to receive your tokens. The distribution of tokens will take place over a period of 90 days, with 10% of the total tokens being given to you every 10 days.

How much does $DCARS cost on launch?

The $DCARS Listing Price is the price at which $DCARS tokens will be available for purchase during its launch. The initial launch price for 1 $DCARS is set at $0.001.

When is $DCARS launch?

The $DCARS Launch date is 20-02-2025

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