Market Opportunity I


Liquidity: Converting luxury cars into cash is slow, and traditional finance providers do not accept cars as collateral.

Barriers to Entry: With unprecedented demand, limited supply, and some big car brands discontinuing popular models, it has become even more challenging to own a collectible car.

Counterfeiting: Authenticity is one of the most significant issues in the secondary car market, as there isn't a centralized ledger to check authenticity.

Pricing Data & Benchmarking: Prices of pre-owned cars are very opaque, and there is a lack of fair and transparent pricing mechanisms. The price of a vehicle can differ depending on the country, currency, seller, etc., making it difficult for collectors and prospective buyers to know the car's actual value.

Unlocking Value: Rare and collectible cars have high demand and resale value but often stay locked behind closed doors and sit idle.

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