The Token II

Qualifying Rules:

To qualify, you must have held the $DCARS tokens for a minimum of 30 days in the run-up to the prize draw (for example, if the lottery draw is on the 31st of January, you should have held the tokens since at least the 1st of January). There can't be any outward transfers or sell orders within that 30-day window.


Token holders will qualify for the following discounts on our NFT marketplace platform:

  • Transaction fees (Up to 30%)

  • Storage fees (Up to 30%)

  • Watch Concierge Club membership fees (Up to 30%)

Qualifying Rules:

We have implemented a tiering system that rewards $DCARS holders; the more tokens you hold, the higher the discount rate.

Luxury cars that purchase $50,000 will automatically qualify for our exclusive Dreamcars NFT airdrop.

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